Why Get certified?

You probably noticed over the last 15 to 20 years how more and more companies either place a statement on their retail Packaging guaranteeing the product as GLUTEN FREE or with just some sort of symbol from one of various third-party certification companies. Obviously, there must be a beneficial reason behind it.

The Gluten Free population is vastly growing

Gluten Free producers have seen tremendous growth in the area where many
consumers, for one reason or the other gave up on living the traditional standard
routine of filling up in the morning on a cup of coffee with a Muffin, or Danish, or
a Vegetable soup filled with Barley or other Gluten type products. They much
rather focus on eating healthier foods which energizes them in the morning and
doesn’t place them back in bed faster in the evening. Instead, they found that
by eating healthier food that are lower in carbs, it energizes them to better manage
their weight, or gain better control of their sugar level. Therefore
Manufacturers embodying high regards to Human Health, have decided to join a
vastly growing market.

Consumers have confidence and further trust in Gluten Free certified products

Although Products labeled as Gluten Free, must meet a description and
requirements set forth by the FDA, the average Gluten free consumer who is challenged either with any sort of immune disease or struggles with food
intolerance, tend to have confidence that Gluten Free Certifying organizations have high regards to address their needs. They trust a Gluten Free certifying organization who directly council and guide manufacturers of Gluten Free products, assuring that Manufacturing plants certified as Gluten Free are in full compliance with Guidelines implemented.

Choosing your certifying Organization

Valuable time is given by manufacturing companies committee whenever
choosing a third-party certifying body. Some tend to consider going along with the brand name organizations, others rather choose the organization who can best service their needs.

AAGF with its background of 30 years of contributing knowledge and
expertise in modern food production, and technological skills in a challenging and dynamic environment, continues to provide its services with passion to its clientele. Not just with proper counseling and guidance, but with a sensitive touch involved. The confidentiality, the personal undivided attention given to each company certified, the enthusiastic auditors on board assures highest quality of service, plus much more.

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